Magiedit _

write and publish to multiple platforms at once



Ever wanted to write and publish technical articles from the same spot?

The Idea

I sometime like to publish technical articles (blog is here) and I usually post them to and to hashnode; those platforms have their own editors, but it gets a bit tyring to copy paste each article to each platform and modify each field so that it satistifies each platform’s syntax.

This is where MagiEdit comes from: a place to write a simple markdown article, and let the platform handle the rest.

The implementation

I decided to build this application in my preferred framework of the moment, sveltekit, using the skeleton ui package and turso as the database.

All articles are encrypted using a user-defined key; when the users wants to edit an article, they enter their key and the article gets decrypted directly on the user’s machine; same goes for encryptions. The article is then converted to a base64 string (to save a bit of space, hopefully) and only then sent to the server. The user key is also hashed and stored on the server.